Artisteel work with stone masons (the stonemasonrycompany) and Joiner (Silvanus interiors) with the same quality background and training, so we can deliver the whole product and provide the customer with any material with craftsmanship guaranteed.

We are able to meet the need of the customer to make their life as easy as possible, we can work with you directly or with your architect as offer both services.

We deliver a quality a product on time.

About Artisteel Ltd

The Process 

Artisteel Ltd


In January 2013 following a car accident, Etienne broke his neck and 14 months later we started Artisteel Ltd. We believe this shows a little of his determination to forge ahead in all aspects of his life.

Etienne has had the best training in the world and is extremely competent and passionate about what he does, a perfectionist and a master craftsman you can be assured of the highest quality in everything that he creates.

We are based in Cambridgeshire but work nationally.

We are a family run company and are passionate about forging or fabricating Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, and can work with other metal like Bronze, Brass and Copper to build beautiful designs for our customers. 

Etienne started his training in Strasbourg France. He was accepted into the prestigious school Association Des Compangnons Du Devoir  where he did his apprenticeship.

Des Compangnons Du Devoir is a French Organization of craftsmen and artisans dating back from the Middle Ages but still very active today. Their traditional, technical education techniques include taking their Tour De France and being the apprentice of competent masters all around the world.

The Compagnonnage  is an original way to learn a trade whilst developing character by experiencing community life and traveling around the world. Today, Compagnons can be found in 49 countries across 5 continents with many different trades. Following the completion of his tour, which included, Reims, Tours, Chartres, England, Marseille, and Muzion which is the international French school for blacksmiths. Etienne moved to Lille and taught apprentice blacksmiths for 2 years. This is known as Devoir or duty in English. Once this had been completed, despite several job offers, one in Czech Republic! Etienne moved to Cambridge to continue to grow the forging side of his employers business, resulting in a large commission for one of the Cambridge Colleges.​



Straight ,Spiral & Curved
Outdoor furniture

 Tree supports

 Trellises and Fire pits Barbecues

Benches and Pergolas
Fire grates

Safety screens.  
Log holders

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